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Towards a Green Hydrogen Economy in the world of "energyvore"

In a world on energy-consuming [energivore] people and environments, the innovation is fundamental to guarantee we all can impact the planet using renewable energy, like the Green Hydrogen.

Green hydrogen producers will provide economic and job growth opportunities and the financing gap needed in the global south to achieve this potential.

Towards New Energy Systems and Technologies

Innovation and technology are so important in enabling the transition to low-carbon energy systems and technical solutions for electricity systems, such as, battery storage, smart grids, and other technologies are always more needed, together with the enablers required to scale up these solutions.

High level opening remarks

High-level officials and energy transition champions kicked off Energy Day with a series of opening remarks to set the recurring themes for the day, the energy trilemma in a time of global crisis, the imperative for a just and equitable energy transition and the need to accelerate technology breakthroughs such as green hydrogen.

For a Just and Affordable Energy Transition in Africa

COP27 launches the initiative to present pathways for a Just and affordable Energy Transition in Africa for Africa to solve the energy trilemma, the risks and opportunities in doing so, the critical enablers needed to succeed.

Delivering Clean Energy at a Time of Global Crisis - Energy Security and Climate Change

Ministers of Energy, leaders of Development Financial Institutions and energy security experts discuss ways to address the current energy crisis and the long-term pathways to transition away from fossil fuels. They will highlight strategies that countries can adopt to improve energy security while advancing the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Green Hydrogen - Policies: Catalyzer for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

The transition from a global economy dependent on fossil fuels, to a green hydrogen and renewable fuels-based economy is happening now. Developing green hydrogen value chains can yield economic value, create jobs and contribute to achieving global emission reduction targets. Green hydrogen and its derivatives (e.g., green ammonia, e-fuels) will be critical to reduce the emissions of hard-to-abate and hard-to-electrify sectors such as heavy industries, aviation, and shipping or heavy road transportation.

At COP27 in the Energy Day meet together technology, policy experts, economists, and financial leaders to discuss the latest developments in this field and the enablers required to scale up the solutions.

Financing the Clean Energy Transition

Accelerating the trend of clean energy finance, will require innovative mechanisms, e.g. blended finance partnerships, just energy transition platforms. The meeting in Egypt today gathers representatives of governmental agencies, DFls, commercial banks & philanthropies.

Will Africa and developing countries become the major green hydrogen producers? We look for other Countries to play this challenge as well.

Credits: COP27

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