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United \mpact meets UN SDGs to cooperate until 2030

As one of our main achievements, we endeavor to launch the Sustainability Executive Program with Institutions and with our Member Leaders and Partner Communities, to support the cultural change needed for the future generations.

In the International Women's Day there has been a clear comparison between the women and sustainability worlds. The reason is simple: both topics should be integrated in our natural behaviors both towards Society and Corporate environments.

There is no Society without Women as well as there's no Corporate without Sustainability.

This similitude allows us a few considerations about the importance of our goals and projects, all with the same main topic: sustainability should be simply implicit in every human's and corporate's mentality and behaviors, it's a matter of Culture.

So we are reflecting even with more attention to our path on this planet as it will be so important the message we give and the Actions we plan. A cultural message and further actions are usually given by those Education Institutions who teach students simple rules from the base so they do not to live those topics as a change but as normality in their future.

While the change is for us now, for this society, now we have the duty to help the future generation not to talk in the future about women parity or sustainability.

Sharing our projects with United Nations was really a value added. We could learn which goals are the most challenging for present and future generations, we could know which goals are the ones we could help UN to achieve into 2030 and we had an intense interior moment to decide which goals will be the ones we want to pursue thanks to this inspiration from the higher international Institution which also has a wide global view.

Especially with UNITAR, which already started to cooperate with our Institutional Partner Franklin University Switzerland (article here), we want to achieve relevant results filling some local gaps that they have with Schools and Universities and using our funds to enhance more cooperations between UN and these Institutions, creating multiple programs.

We are proud to be close to Education Institutions on different levels from primary to executive education and that's why we also feel more motivated to breakthrough with such goals.

For example in our leaders network of The Executive Award Italy we already hosted last year Gianmario Verona, at the time Rector of Bocconi, one the most advanced University engaged in ESGs in Italy.

Also, we have the patronage of Centro Studi Grande Milano and AICEO (Italian Association of CEOs) which share with us the idea that the change comes from the culture.

In 2023 the Italian Jury welcomes Donatella Sciuto, Rector of Politecnico di Milano and our idea is to keep funding education courses, school, initiatives starting from our community.

Since the beginning The Executive Award Switzerland had the above mentioned Franklin University Switzerland as Institutional Partner and its Chairman, Kim Hildebrant as member of TEA Global Board, National Ambassador and President of Alumni.

For those who might be new to The Executive Award Global, founded in 2018, it is a prize bestowed by an outstanding jury with the main purpose of Honoring Sustainable Leaders on a National and Global scale. Behind TEA, there is an organization that aims to reinforce our network’s legacy and promote our award as a quality standard for the world of today and tomorrow by inspiring people and companies to act in a sustainable way. TEA communities also raise funds for United Impact, which gives them patronage and embodies the Executive network's purposes in supporting SDGs and other goals in collaboration with Institutions.

Our vision for Education in the future

Together with Institutions, United \mpact Member Leaders and Partner Communities and with the collaboration of The Executive Award network, we endeavor to launch one or more Sustainability Executive Program/s to support from the base the cultural change needed for the future generations' humans to have sustainability deeply inside their mentality. And humans make corporates and keep the world through their business.


Mar 13, 2023



Mar 13, 2023

Great job


Mar 11, 2023


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